The First and Second Week of May

The passages that start May are exciting and seem to be a little magical.  Maybe I’m just being too sentimental or it’s because as Spring is starting in 1935, it’s also begun here!

All of the excitement of a school year coming to a close is buzz-buzzing in her passages.  They have gotten their class rings and Babu thinks they are “snappy”  and they had a meeting and decided to wear “pastel shades of organdy” on class day.  I had to look up what that was.  Class picture proofs are getting passed around and Babu is running out and knows she’ll have to get more.  So unpopular, huh??  She is clearly unhappy that WBZ seems to like A. Janik again.  Remember her, Babu’s old arch nemesis?  She tells her her proofs are not flattering!  You go girl, release your mean girl!

Miss Short is up to her old snarks, telling Babu she should have done better on the test.  Babu is offended and writes:  “Me, of all people.”  I’m guessing she felt the comment was unjustified.

She admits to missing Drobey, “a lot.”  I must admit, that warms my heart!

This blew my mind:  She describes learning how to make a call out!  Like, on the telephone!  And she practices it three times.  It sounds like she is learning some telephone skills in school.

On Tuesday night Drobey and Teddy came around but they had their dinner so they blew off hanging out with the girls.  Trust me, they hear about this later.

She is stressing about some poetry assignments in English.  I suspect that she mentions the weight on her shoulders over these assignments because she actually cares about writing well.

She writes about a celebration for her mother where her mother gets cake, flowers, and wine.  Babu bought a nightie for her.  I do not know if this is for mother’s day or for her birthday.  Either way, it seems like a lovely day where her mother was truly honored.

So a two week period full of school pictures and rings, plans for class day, sweetness between Babu and Drobey, a celebration for her mother, and yes, even a few snarks.  She even describes a beautiful wedding, a woman she knew marries a paperman and is going to Bermuda for the honeymoon.  Yes, magical!

Spring is here, too!  Some Of the plants like the rhubarb and the lily of the valley were things Babu’s mother planted and I’m honored to have them in my yard!


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  1. lifelessons says:

    Enjoyable.. as usual. I love how both of your personalities come out in the paraphrasing.


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