Caretaking Haiku

5-7-5 for you traditional types:


Boney, Arthritic

hugs.  The strongest and longest

I’ve ever gotten.


Her face gets big and

happy when I now know what

her Polish words mean.


Feel like a complete

failure- ran out of oatmeal

Not even aware.


She learns we don’t have

oatmeal today, waves quick hand.

She don’t even mind!


We read her journals

stares off as if 17

year old her stands there.

I watch for breathing

and snores especially when

late for her breakfast.


Deceived.  She asks me

to pick up food from the floor.

She wants to eat it.


The kind of person

who always made her bed, now

I make it for her.


After taking her

blood pressure I wonder if

mine will be the same.


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