First Two Weeks of May, 1935 Excerpts

Friday May 3rd, 1935
“Zack” must be friends with “J” again cause he stops and talks to her.  She has his “proofs” with her and hers also.  I told her they didn’t flatter her and she said she knew it.  Went to Falcon’s.  We’re going to Holyoke Tuesday.  My middy is torn and I guess Mommy’ll have to fix it.


I’m sorry for being a lesser person and laughing at Babu’s moment of what one might call “low class.”   I just want to pump my fist in the air.  I don’t believe that “AJ” was a bad person even though she might have been a mean girl.  It’s just true that in our teens we need our enemies an our friends in black and white and we don’t need to worry if someone gets under our skin because of jealousy or insecurity.  It’s just high school.  Now all Babu will say about her is how beautiful she remembers this girl to be.  We get over it all and let our better selves through.



Sunday, May 12th, 1935
Mother received the loveliest flower from Stella, her goddaughter.  She also got some cake and wine.  The four of us went out for a walk.  Caveman was so sociable.  I told him about not taking us out for a ride Tuesday and he said why didn’t we tell him.


I told you they were going to hear about it again!  These passages show that although she is kind at heart, Babu will also let you have it if you have a place you need to be put into!


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  1. Iriz Chan says:

    1935, wow such a long time ago. Something you would really want to look back.

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