April A-Z: Insufficient sleep

You really cannot say that Babu had a wild life.  She did everything a good woman of the time was supposed to do:  waited until marriage, did well in her college studies, got work and was, for the most part, a very dependable employee.  Even still, here is one passage I will never forget:

Rumble Seat

Her sitting in the rumble seat and taking turns on two wheels?!  Alright, maybe that does constitute for a wild life.  Please click on that link and check out the post for last year’s April A-Z.  It’s jam packed with some wild times.  That post was back in 1935 but in 1939 her life is still full.  She is less of a social butterfly and more of a social whirlwind.

Thursday, November 30th, 1939

Got up at noon today.  Just had time to eat breakfast and dress when Jakey came up.  Nilly and Frank followed and we played cards till 5:30.  Jakey stayed for supper and Mr. And Mrs. Moziarz also ate with us.  Yvette and I disagreed about where to go and she and Billy went to a stage show, while Frank, Peggy, Jake and I ended up at Bray’s.  We had a grand time and danced a lot to Vic Carly’s orchestra.  I had my old fashioned and Jacob too and after I while I began to feel gay.  The kids all thought the drinks affected me that way but they laughed so I put on a good act.  Of course the drinks helped.  Jakey took me to the cupid and showed me some loving.

Not my image!

While I love everything about this passage, all of that resulted in, you guessed it, insufficient sleep.  I’d like to note that if I weren’t trying to fit this post into “I” for April A-Z, I would have titled this post: “Old Fashions and Insufficient Sleep.”

Friday, December 1st, 1939

This morning I didn’t feel extra good.  At times during the day I felt bad.  May have been the old-fashions coupled with insufficient sleep.

Is she getting a little too old to keep up?  Also, the end of the holiday season resulted in this day at work:

Tuesday, December 26th, 1939

Peaches took me to work this morning.  Was very lax in the office today.  Worked or tried to work but was sleepy and the rest of us didn’t feel too well after the holidays so we took it easy.  Skating is good but I stayed in tonight and am going to bed early.

Babu and I sat on the couch today and she expressed to me, as she has been doing a bit lately, that she is surprised that she has lived this long.  I keep telling her I am not surprised.  I think purely of momentum.  She’s been slowing down, of course, but after the life she has led, of course it is taking quite some time for her to come to a stop.

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  1. Val says:

    I had to look up ‘rumble seat’ as I’d not heard of it!
    How old was she in ’39?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She was 20 or 21. She was born in 1918. I didn’t know what it was either. I learn so much from reading this. Thank you for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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