April A-Z: November, 1939: Doubts

Here is an extra post for April A-Z for D.  I leave this here as a record of where Babu and “Peaches” or “Cookie” or whatever sweet thing she is calling Jake, are in this moment.  Yes, here is the typical Babu, doubting:

Monday, November 13th, 1939

My honey took me to work this morn but I wasn’t very cordial.  I don’t know why cause I miss him when he’s not around.  All morning I felt low but perked up in the afternoon.  Went to choir practice tonight.  Wonder what my cookie’s doing.  Wish he were here.  Hope he picks me up tomorrow but I have my doubts.

But don’t worry, the month ends on a gay note:

Thursday, November 30th, 1939

Got up at noon today.  Just had time to eat breakfast and dress when Jakey came up.  Nilly and Frank followed and we played cards till 5:30.  Jakey stayed for supper and Mr. And Mrs. Moziarz also ate with us.  Yvette and I disagreed about where to go and she and Billy went to a stage show, while Frank, Peggy, Jake and I ended up at Bray’s.  We had a grand time and danced a lot to Vic Carly’s orchestra.  I had my old fashioned and Jacob too and after I while I began to feel gay.  The kids all thought the drinks affected me that way but they laughed so I put on a good act.  Of course the drinks helped.  Jakey took me to the cupid and showed me some loving.

Oh my gawd!  I just love it!!


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