April A-Z: January

Usually, when I “end one year” and “begin another” inside this project I celebrate almost as much as I do the actually changing of years.  Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but possibly this January, the January of 1940, deserves to start without a lot of fan fair.  Here is a shock:

jan 1 40

Oh my.  This hasn’t happened yet, not in all this time since 1934.  There have been days it was obvious that she filled in her book the day after, but never anything like this.  The month is completely empty.  When she starts up again in February, she does not apologize or even explain herself!  I am highly suspicious that this month was recorded somewhere else, but my searching has not yet found it.

But wait, I was right.  This month, a part of it, was recorded somewhere.  On film!  Check out these images:


Oh, no, wait.  That says February!  Yea, January 1940 is just a missing month.  It is lost to history.  It makes me incredibly sad!


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