Hair, Hanging Around, Harland, Hepburn, Horses, and Making him Happy.


april 3

Sunday, April 3rd, 1938
Fixed my hair in the page boy style and curls in front.  Nat and her brother came up and Zosh and I went riding in the rumble seat.  It was so cold and windy that we cuddled up under the seat on the floor.  Jaime came up but I sent him away.  We girls went to see “I Met My Love Again” and “Under Suspicion.”

Monday, April 4th, 1938
Quite a few of the office force commented on my hair do.  Jaime drove me to work this morning, and after last night, too.  Rehearsal tonight.  Roy Connor gave me a gift – a medal on a chain.  Marie Barnes so romantic – she scares the boys away saying they’re hers, etc.

She must have been riding high on the good feeling of a new hairdo!

Little did I know that only a few days after I write this post I would find her pictures from this time.  Her hair looks amazing!


And I always love hearing about her riding in the rumble seat of someone’s car.  I think that there needs to be a post all about this.  Wait for the letter R!

april 7

Friday, April 8th, 1938
Ernie and I shopping for a tailored suit for her this noon.  She put a deposit on a brown one.  Looks like we’re going to work all day tomorrow.  Lately everybody at the play wants to kiss me or pet me or chuck me under the chin.  Must be the hairdo.  Tonight I ran on stage and said a line ten pages ahead.

Well, you can get away with a blunder like that with a hairdo like this:


Hanging Around:

april 9

Saturday, April 9th, 1938
We worked this afternoon.  After supper I went to church to do my Easter duty.  Walked down to the five and ten to see Zosh and Nat at work and hung around until they were through.  What a nuisance I am there.  Talk to practically every girl for five or ten minutes.  Mother’s room is a honey.

There is something so nostalgic about hanging around your friend’s place of work until they get off, chatting up their customers and being in the way.  Young friendship knew no bounds including employment.

Harland, Hepburn, and Horses:

april 23.jpeg

Saturday, April 23rd, 1938
Ernie and I boarded the 12:40 train and got into Bellow’s Falls at three.  We and Mrs. Jones went to the sports show.  Harland and Chet came up in the evening and took us to see “Hawaii Calls” in Spfld, VT.  It was a beautiful night.  So many, many stars.  Ernie’s mom has been doing over the house and it looks grand.

Sunday, April 24th, 1938
Daylight savings began today.  About 12 Ernie and I took the horses and went riding.  But today we really rode.  About three hours and cantered part of the time.  Patches and I understand each other.  Harland and Chet brought us back home.  I drove or held the steering wheel part of the way and what a burn Ernie and I have.

Babu hasn’t forgotten her trips with Ernie to Vermont and I don’t think she ever will.  Now I know why.

april 27.jpeg

Wednesday, April 27th, 1938
About two minutes to five Hitch decided to give me a letter.  However, I still caught my trolley.  Monday night at rehearsal Johnny cut off a lock of my hair to save.  Ernie said Harland thinks I’m fun.  Huh!  Saw Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant in “Bringing Up Baby” and “Swing on Love.”

She really slays them doesn’t she?  Harland is almost like Babu’s Vermont boyfriend.  They hit it off but back home in Chicopee, things are going on the same with Johnny.


april 7.jpeg

Thursday, April 7th, 1938
Wonder what Professor is thinking that I didn’t take my lessons today.  Another rehearsal tonight.  I wonder if I really went steady with Johnny if he’d be as adoring as he is now.  Gosh how I rush for that back door and stairway.  I know what’ll come if I don’t.

She rushes for the back door to avoid his affection.  Ugh!  What an uncomfortable spot to be in with a boy.

april 17

Monday, April 18th, 1938
Tonight for some reason or other, I liked Johnny.  We may not put on the play after all.  After rehearsal we stopped over to Johnny Krol’s house.  The seven of us sang and talked a little.  Parked in front of my house for quite a while.  Zosh’s mom and dad stayed until after twelve.

I do wish she would decide:  all in or all out?  I know I don’t get a vote but I know which side I’d be on.

april 19

Tuesday, April 19th, 1938
Twelve noon was my working hour today.  Didn’t do much during the day.  At night we went to the house at our parish hall and am I tired.  Imagine I didn’t want to leave after it was over.  Partners?  Enough for two dances.  I hope I’m not fallen in love with Johnny.  He’s so sweet lately.  But I could never make him happy.


I think she feels that she can’t make him happy because she doesn’t know how she feels and he clearly does know how he feels.  I wonder if she has an instinct somewhere in her mind that Johnny isn’t the one?


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  1. Bringing up Baby is a favorite flick. Hepburn and Grant were the bomb in that. Fun post!

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  2. S.B. Roberts says:

    This is beautiful! I love that you’re transcribing these journals. What a great way to bond. : ) And Bringing up Baby is where it’s at. I love that movie!

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  3. I remember a young Audrey Hepburn filming in the 50’s, so I was surprised when you transcribed her name on 27th April 38! When I checked on the photo I read Catherine and it made sense then.

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