Sunday Share: Immigrant

Hello.  I’d like to begin this post by asking you a favor.  Please look through the posts on this blog and find one that you really like.  (If you don’t find one you like, then all deals can be off.  I’m ok with that.)  Then, please share that post and write something about my blog.  Tell people in your life about my blog too.  I set a goal each month for views and I am looking to get my stats up.  My only angle is to reach a personal goal.  I thank you so much!

Here are some good choices for recent posts that I think are pretty interesting:


Frank, Failed Theatre, and Good Friday  There is butter Lamb in it for you if you read this one!

The Donkey Serenade  This was really was just all for fun!

Ok!  Now on to my actual Sunday Share.  Remember i said my Sunday Shares this month were going to be other AtoZChallengers?  Well, I can get to that next week.  This week I found a blog with a post that rang true to my heart.  I believe this is worthy of being share and of being read.

The blog is called:  readefining

Here is the post.  Please check out the blog!

when home means more than one place

transnational chronicles: a series of “poems” on the negotiation of identity when home means more than one place.

and while you break your teeth
to keep your tongue

and you seek healing
by stitching the gaps

they will spit you out
from the mouth
because you taste


don’t be nervous
you won’t even notice

you won’t notice the transition
from being ghanaian
to being african
to being black
to being person of color

don’t be nervous
you won’t even have to decide which you want to be
the choice isn’t yours

perhaps in this there is a freedom


and when you call your grandmother on the phone
and she asks when you’ll be coming to see her
you must lie and say sometime this year
even though you know
that has been your response
for the past
8 years

do it for her heart

-gofundme back home

i’ve always hated math

but somehow
i’ve become a mathematician

calculating the number of hours between us
plotting how many oceanic galaxies it will take to get to
dividing the ventricles of my heart
and dedicating each one to a different




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