Cruisers, Cartography, and Caring for Him

Today I am realizing that maybe – hopefully! – there are a lot of new people visiting my blog.  Thank you.  A quick explanation to what you will be reading:  (You can also check it out by clicking “What This Is.”)  My husband and I live with his grandmother who just turned 99 and we take Care of her.  One day she asked me to find her diaries in order to keep them safe and I did.  I asked her if I could read them and after she said yes I began to transcribe them and share them with her.  I asked her if I could write this blog and here it is!

If you would like, Check out

Apricots, (teenage) Angst, and Age



to read a summary of the Month of March, 1938.

Here are some excerpts from February and March, 1938:


feb 16

Wednesday, February 16th, 1938
After rehearsal we started to take Eddie Nowak to the Butterfly and Frank passed up a cruiser on Front street.  We got stopped near Elms College and he took Frank’s name and some information.  To make matters worse, there were eight of us in the car.  We don’t think we can get it fixed although we drove around town trying to find Sargent Looney until nearly twelve.

I absolutely love that their solution to getting in trouble partly for having 8 in the Car is to drive around a whole lot more to look for another Cop!  A Sargent LOONEY no less.  I can’t make this up.  I don’t know how, but the next day Babu wrote that Frank had the ticket fixed.  Well, I’ll be…


Caring for him:

Do you remember that in Monday’s post we read about that ever so romantic kiss between Babu and John, how he broke down her defenses and swept her away?  Well now, two weeks later we are back to here:

march 16.jpeg

Wednesday, March 16th, 1938
Didn’t go to church but instead play rehearsal.  We had a lot of fun reading the play.  I’m getting that low feeling again and Zosh is riding high.  Eddie is attentive to her and Frank to Nat and John to me but it doesn’t help me feel better.  I don’t care for him.

Wow.  I am so glad I know some of the things that Come next.  I feel sorry for you all because if I was on this up and down ride this whole while, without knowing who she does eventually end up with, I’d be just about loosing my mind.



I was thinking about a poem I posted on here a while back.  It is about Babu’s hands and now that she is having her skin problems, a terribly itchy rash, I’d have to edit this poem if I wanted it up to date.  I’d have to add a few more bumps in the road, I think.

Maps to Where She’s Been

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