Bonfire, Birthday, Bowling

It’s time to introduce March, 1938.  My grandmother writes:

Drum Corps Social and a goody time but no ice cream after.  What does come after is kissing John and forgetting about Ben.  Living in a dream and standing room only in church where the Father uses a mic for the first time.  Small change saved by the parents for a new Bedroom and a new play to rehearse.  A ride from Jaime, a ride from Frank, a ride on the trolley.  A clash with mom, working over time, and Bill’s uncle passes away.  A Bonfire of used cars and General Motors pays $40 for each on Burned.  Bought a new raspberry hat and and got her hair did at Mary Bigda’s.  Spent half her salary.  Boys were in the city and dinner at the Moonlight Inn.  Jaime wants to take her Bowling.  It’s her Birthday and a Beautiful day, but disappointed by no party, so she Buys herself a sympathy card in the Biting cold.  Surprise!  But a day late.  She was gifted a Boudoir chair.  A kiss from John on the Back porch is his Birthday present.  Rehearsal and a Russian Countess falls out of the play to fix her eye.  A near quarrel at work and she sits on the porch with Drobe for a long time.  The Nee Wah girls take a trip to New York to Radio City and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Late to rehearsal and a lecture.  We’ve all been there, on one end or the other.

John Olbrych knocked out two front teeth with a Bowling Ball.  He got a strike and got too excited.

The part of Professor Brown changes hands many times.  She Bought a Blue pair of shoes and met a girl from Germany at the Y.  Ben is never going to write and Jeb didn’t call Ernie on his Birthday.  He promised.


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  1. Arlee Bird says:

    That bowling can be a dangerous sport. Dropping a ball on ones toes I could see pretty easily, but knocking out ones teeth? That really is getting excited.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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    1. I know. I had to reread that part then laughed for quite a while!


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