The Donkey Serenade

Twice in January, 1938 Babu talks about “The Donkey Serenade” after going to see the movie Firefly.

jan 5.jpeg

Wednesday, January 5th, 1938
Missed school tonight and went to see “Firefly.”  It was magnificent.  I can’t forget the “Donkey Serenade.”  Wilkelmina Kuzdzal and I sat together.  Jaime gave me a ride home and asked to me to the “Ice Follies” Sunday.  I think maybe I’ll go.

jan 13.jpeg

Friday, January 14th, 1938
The hit and run driver who killed two people gave himself up yesterday.  Have been deciding whether or not to write Lincoln Barton asking him to the formal.  Can’t get up enough courage.  Found the Donkey Serenade this noon at Johnson’s and bought it.

I looked up the song and found a clip from Firefly.  My first reaction was:  What am I listening to?  I can’t even!  Then I imagined what my hypothetical grandchildren might one day think of “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” or “No Rain” or, god forbid “Possum Kingdom.”

Donkey Serenade

My favorite part is that sweet horse kiss at the end.  Evidently, it was Babu’s favorite, too!

I played it so many times for Babu that now it is stuck in my head!


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  1. Ha ha. Delightful. I don’t know the songs you mention, but I do remember my parents singing parts of the Donkey Serenade when I was little. Seeing the film makes it all make sense. It’s all in the eye rolls!

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    1. The lengths he would not go to to win the girl!

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  2. I recognised this tune too, probably heard it when my mum watched old movies. She was born in 1921 and she loved Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald and she loved films set in the west so there is a good chance she saw this at the pictures as a girl.

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    1. Yay! What a fun song huh? I just love how much Babu loved it. Thank you for taking a deep dive into past posts!

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      1. I haven’t had time to read your posts for a while and as I hate to read anything out of order I went almost back to the beginning and have been skimming through the old ones before starting on 1940. I had read some of them before but I enjoyed them just as much the second time. I should be back to the future by Monday I hope.

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      2. That’s so wonderful! It means so much to me to hear you enjoy it. I love that you understand the weird time warp that happens! “Back to the future.”

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