January, 1938

A new year, to bed at noon, a ride in the Cord, a pie ate in the kitchen, a diary read by prying eyes?  Jeb here to see Ernie, listening to the radio with Zosh, lots to do at work, Firefly and a Donkey Serenade to remember, lunch at the expense of the company and a cowboy picture, is Zosh “taking care of John” for her? Greta Garbo and Chalres Boyer instead of Nee Wah meeting, ice skating at Bemis and Hank tried to teach her to skate backwards, freezing temperatures and a reprisal of the WPA play “Keeping Up Appearances,” answering letters on a snowy night, explorations in the snow laden ice, a hit and run driver gives himself up, not a good time at the PNA dance, she consoled herself by buying a pair of brown and white oxfords, another sermon from Dad and a threat of removal, church and confession, enough shorthand in one day to last a few days, she asked Lincoln to the Nee Wah formal, Mom makes her gorgeous gown with a purse to match, a ride that ends at the moonlight Inn, Bay Path won the game against New Haven with an overwhelming score, Jaime is apparently still the same, ice cream in the cold at Dutchland, and a love scene involving John and not Babu.



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