Excerpts January, 1938 The Theatre Again

The Theatre again!   I’m an addict.  Just reading about Babu performing in a play again makes me itch to be back in again, too.  From her talking about auditions to dress rehearsals to performance night, there is jealousy but something more – a rush, an urge, a left over spark that reminds me of the experience.  I would love to be directing again!

Last year they started rehearsals for a play that was called off, but we know what happens when there are a lot of persistent actors.

jan 9

Monday, January 10th, 1938

Zosh and Nat and John and Eddie had a wonderful time last night going wild.  After cooking class we went to Frank and talked about putting on the play we started last Spring.  We talked but didn’t accomplish much.  Ernie wants to go to Vermont Saturday, but I don’t think it would be worth it.  Not enough time as I work all day.


jan 11


Wednesday, January 12th, 1938
John Lech is going to be Erie Ridgeway in our W.P.A. play if it all works out all right.  Drobe’s mother has the idea, yet, that I may be going with Drobe.  It’s snowing out now and quite hard!


jan 19


Wednesday, January 19th, 1938
Bill Sheasby accepted Ernie’s invitation to the formal.  We went up to school this noon to see Lincoln.  He wasn’t around so Bill was supposed to let him know.  We got a message that every thing was all right but still we’re not sure.  Went to out play rehearsal tonight.  “Keep Up Appearances.”  The reading went off very well for the first try.


jan 31


Monday, January 31st, 1938
Jaime is apparently still the same because he rode me to work this morning.  John L. feels the same, too, I guess.  I walked out on his love scene with Eileen.  Didn’t want to look.  He noticed it, too.  Quite attentive tonight.  We rode over to Dutchland for ice cream.  Nat wasn’t with us.  The ice cream was grand.


The other things not yet mentioned in these excerpts:

Drobe’s Mom still things there is something between them?!?!  Good for her for still having her hopes up…

And what about Babu being, what? jealous? over a love scene with Johnny and another girl?  Oh, of course, in my excerpts from last month I made it seem as if Babu succinctly wraps up her feelings for Johnny, but that is not the case.  Affairs of the heart rarely wrap up nicely, and their story surely rarely falls into the narrative frame of only one month.  Life has a way of messily blurring the lines.


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