July, 1937

There is much to celebrate in the heat of July.  Babu says that she will “melt like a piece of wax one of these days,” yet things move along swimmingly.  (Kind of.)

All About Benny:

The month begins with the sentence:

I guess I needn’t have worried about Benny.

She didn’t know if he would take her to the banquet, but he did and it was a great success.  They even had a few kisses!

On the last day of the month there is another banquet and Babu writes:

Benny was there with a lovely girl.  We sat at the same table and kept bumping into each other all night.  After we went to the “Silhouette.”  There were there, God, what am I going to do?  I can’t sleep or eat or think because of him.

Some where during the month things fell apart.  In her yearbook he writes:

Thursday, July 22nd, 1937
Benny finally wrote in my yearbook, but I guess he wants us to break up.  He address me as his “dearest wife” but says that we had fun and says I’d better get a divorce.  I hope Benny doesn’t mean “parting.”  Not after our grand times.

They met doing the WPA play where they played husband and wife.  But, if Brangelina taught us anything, we should have learned on screen, or on stage, romance often leads to real life romance but it rarely lasts.

As usual, both Babu and us are left not knowing what really happened.  He claims he can’t “keep track of her.”  What does that mean?!?!  Babu seemed pretty focused on Benny, without a lot of other boys floating around.  But she has a great social life, going to Vermont, doing many things.  Is that what turned him off?  Did he want her to just sit around?!  I’m realizing…I think I’m mad at Benny!  I wonder if it all had more to do with endings begetting endings.

Because on the last day of the month, Babu graduated from Bay Path.  She doesn’t talk about her next steps.  We never found out for sure about her going to work in New York, but never heard about other plans either.  (I suspect I’ll read about it starting “tomorrow” also known as the first day of August.)  Does she feel insecure?  Does she feel like the rest of her life is beginning?  Does she feel on the cusp?


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  1. Ugh, I am displeased with Benny too!

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    1. If it were 1937 I’d say let’s go beat him up!

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  2. numpyeonkim says:

    ahaha…following your blog was interesting

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