Sharing with Babu, Less is More

Taking care of someone who is nearly 99 takes constant readjustment.  What she can do, what is good for her and in what amounts, differ even during the same day.  I shared some passages with Babu again, and this time kept it shorter, telling her that’s all I had for today rather than asking her if she wanted to push it.  Even still, it was time beautifully spent.



“Alibi for muuurdeerr…”  I will never forget reading about what her high school English teacher had to say about how Babu reads:  “entertainingly.”  Babu has some of that theatre in her soul and I love how she expresses herself when she reads!

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  1. What a cute video.

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    1. I know! She is so cute!


  2. jackscrap says:

    It took me some time but I have now caught up with all your blog about Babu’s diaries. What a privilege it is to be able to share these memories with you and Babu, she so reminds me of my own dear Grandmother 1900-1999, who was the eldest of 10 children and probably didn’t have time to keep a diary or the luxury? of living in such a vibrant city. Thankyou for sharing these times and your love and care for this wonderful woman.

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    1. Thank you so much! Much more is to come – she still journals every day!- I feel blessed and honored and amazed to be doing this project!

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