Dull Days

Some days she has no events, no near tragedies, no brushes with moments of history.  Some days she stays around the house and she will confess that those days are “dull days.”  Yet sometimes, her dull days entertain me very much!

june 6.jpeg

Sunday, June 6th, 1937
Went to high mass.  Zosh has Andy’s watch and says she doesn’t remember how she got it.  Had dinner there and spent the whole afternoon idling.  We made it to our house before the rain and had supper.  Then I played for an hour and a half.  The windows were open and I hope the neighbors don’t complain.  Dad gave us a sermon, but we enjoyed it.

For a day of idling, a lot has sure been done.  I love that during such a slow day she provides details like Andy’s watch.


Saturday, June 12th, 1937
Slept till ten this morning.  Afterwards practiced and did odd jobs that needed to be done.  Mother complains about my morbidness and lack of sociability at home.  Aunt Nelly and John and Uncle and Mary came up.  Zosh said she’d come but didn’t.  Have been thinking of Benny at intervals.

During her dull days she has time for reflection and what she writes by the end of the day is often so mistakenly poignant.


Sunday, June 13th, 1937
I wouldn’t call it dull but didn’t do anything all day.  After seven Zosh came up and then Jaime.  Half past nine we three went riding.  Got some cones at the Handle. And then went to “Mountain Park.”  There we went into a trouble house and got a license to do crazy things at another place.  Jaime was nice and demanded no compensation.

A dull day, maybe, not a dull night!  I want to get that kind of a license!

june 28.jpeg

Tuesday, June 29th, 1937
Guess I won’t go out after the banquet.  Benny hasn’t said anything.  The kids in school all take it for granted that Benny and I will be together.  Dad and Mom had such a stimulating argument tonight about positions of homes and sun.  Gosh what a muddle.  Mom seems to be the only one whose sure.  We also rearranged the parlor.

Were they planning a garden?  Babu’s parents created a paradise in the yard of the house I now live in.  It was deserving of a stimulating conversation.


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  1. barbwit says:

    Such fun to read, and I always love Babu’s handwriting. You must be grateful for its clarity.
    Is “Mountain Park” some kind of theme park – a ‘trouble house’ and others with ‘license to do crazy things”?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I’m thankful. If I ever have children and therefore children, good luck to them with my writing, holy moley! Yes, I plan to do a whole post about Mountain Park. It was a small theme park in our area. More to come.

      Liked by 1 person

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