The Case of the Peanuts


Thursday, June 10th, 1937
We went to the circus (Cole Brother’s) tonight, Benny, I and Ernie and Charles, Lincoln, and Budson.  Oh!  It was wonderful.  We had three pounds of peanuts, but we got there late to feed the elephants, so we fed ourselves. After the show we went to “Dutchland” for ice-cream, and thence to “Bray’s.”  Afterwards, onto Cupid’s.  Benny brought me home but didn’t try anything.  Tomorrow we expect to strew the school with peanuts.

Yes.  They expected to “strew the school with peanuts” but life does not always give you what you expect.  What did happen with those peanuts?!?!

Friday, June 11th, 1937
Benny brought the peanuts to school, but we didn’t see them, except what he threw at us across the room.  He brought his yearbook in to be signed.  Won’t see him until Monday.  I don’t think Jeb is coming down although it’s the week-end he gets out.  Went down to Zosh’s, but she was going to the show.  She’s working up in Northampton taking a census.  Andy Nalyra deported from Chicopee.


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