It’s a Thin Line

I haven’t shared much in the way of passages lately with Babu.  In the way of excuses I have:  I began the year with a pretty bad cold and wasn’t putting my germy laptop in front of Babu, then the first day I went to share the computer battery died, then I’ve been working a lot and I have to catch her at a good time…

Yea, yea, yea.

So I sat down to share an entire month with her.  As we started reading, she was so sharp.  She remembered Ernie being from Vermont, that the Olbryck’s were her landlord, she even almost remembered what the WPA was.  As we got closer to the end, I could see her fading.  I asked her if she wanted to stop but, of course, she wanted to finish the month.  By the time we were done she was almost falling asleep in her chair.

This is where I learned that it is a thin line.  She thanks me genuinely for sharing these with her but she gets tired easily.  I have learned to keep it to 10 passages at a time and I need to draw that line with some excuse instead of asking her.

Even still, it was time so well spent.  Check out the video but I warn you  – my voice comes in much louder than hers.  Please forgive me, she is very hard of hearing.


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    1. She is, isn’t she?!?? I love her so much. Thank you!


  1. Babu remembers just as much, or more, about her teen years than I do about mine! And I’m fifty years younger! haha!

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