Also April, 1937

April saw the resolution of one conflict but another one, this time at home, reared an ugly head.  There was always tension between Babu and her parents and the landlady.

Here’s an example from December, 1936:

Johnny Olbryck’s mother is a meany.  She won’t let us have steam heat.  Says she needs an even temperature in the house because she’s ill.  And so she bought  a little oil stove.  Some even temperature it’s going to give.

Well, it gets much worse.

 Got home and heard we have to leave next month or the next rent will be 45 dollars.  Mother and she quarreled and she said she would never speak to us.  Hurrah!!!!!

So the move begins:

Mother and Dad are already sleeping so I don’t know for sure but I think we’re moving up on Northwood Street.  (Adele Janik lives there.)

But why must there be drama?

Saturday, April 3rd, 1937
Most of the day we just listened to the goings on next door about our leaving.  Dad was there and asked Mr. Olbryck if we could leave the 15th and he said all right and treated him to some wine.  But after he left Johnny came down and he and his mother raised a row that Mr. Olbryck hadn’t said anything.

I hate transitions.  Or maybe I just hate moving?  One day, I’ll own an RV and both move all the time and never have to move again.  So there.  Because it gets real inconvenient:

Friday, April 9th, 1937
We’re living by candlelight tonight.  Our electric power has been shut off here and put on there.  Now I realize how convenient electricity really is.  Have to get up early for moving tomorrow.

And there was much work to be had:

Saturday, April 10th, 1937
First night in the new home.  Zosh sleeps with me and we’re so tired.  Said our goodbyes this morning and we’re all transferred by 10:30.  Then the work began.  Don’t want to wash another window or hang another curtain for a long time.  Most of the curtains are up and furniture placed.  Mr. Moziary and Mrs. Szadzinska came to help thru the afternoon.  Edna and her father (from Holyoke) came to visit and stayed to help.

As timeless as the conflict between tenant and landlord is, it is sill one that makes me cringe.  Still, this immigrant family and their only child landed safely in a new home.  What I wonder is, is this new home the one on Northwood Street or did another one work out?  I am wondering because the home we are living in now has been a home Babu and her parents lived in for a very long time.  Did I just read about the day that she moves into the house I am now sitting in?  Or is that still to come?



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  1. the20somethingexistentialcrisis says:

    … I wish my rent was only $45/month. Good lord that would be amazing! Landlord struggles are the worst!

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