December 1936, Excerpts

At the end of the year, Babu was starting to feel herself a little bit.  What I mean is, she was acting up!  I post this not to defame my grandmother in any way, but it is nice to know she wasn’t a perfect angel.  I think we are all well aware I am telling of the life of a human being.  She’s only human, after all!  🙂

First, what is her deal about priests?!  In this case, missionaries.


Sunday, December 6th, 1936
The mission opened today so I went to High Mass.  Sat around all day talking with Aunty and hearing and reprimanding Mary.  Larry took them home and Grandma came in.  Mrs. Szwedinski was down for a while.  Mother said Drobey’s working in Hardy’s and that Jeanette was taken from the office job.  Was playing the piano and Andy dropped in.  He and Dad talked some more after Mom and Gram and I left for the mission service.   The missionary is a good speaker and in addition good looking.

I can’t help but giggle into my hand!

dec 7.jpeg

Monday, December 7th, 1936
Someone has paid Ernie’s tuition until March.  She has asked the office and they are investigating.  Jamie gave me a ride.  We didn’t see Jennie so we couldn’t pick her up.  Mother went back to work today so we expect a better Christmas.  Went to the mission tonight.  The other missionary talked.  He’s good but not as good looking as the first one.  Mother and I had a quarrel.  All my fault, too.  But I hate to be ordered around and and often say no when I would do it gladly.

So!  She’s checking out missionaries and giving her mother sass, huh?

What I love is her reaction to getting a bad attitude mark on her report card.  The back story?  She has been writing for a month now about sitting in the back of class and chatting and laughing it up with her group of friends.  She wrote in November that she knew she was going to get a “F” in attitude.  Still, when it comes to pass, this:

dec 9.jpeg

Wednesday, December 9th, 1936
Brought the “F” attitude mark to the attention of Miss Drude who gave it.  She told me I was one of the worst offenders and I retorted with “I don’t think so.”  I told her she was keeping me off the honor roll and she felt or looked sorry.  But it’s too late now.  We have to give up our calculating period to have dramatics.  After school Ernie and I stayed an hour to make up.  Went to church with mom.  Am listening to Fred Allen now.

And also this!:


Thursday, December 10th, 1936
I stayed to finish my office practice after school and when I hauled it to Miss Drude she said “When are you going to smile again Miss Kwolek?”  I told her the wound was pretty raw yet.  She said I couldn’t take it.  Ernie and I went to buy stamps this noon in the down pour of rain.  We got wet rather thoroughly.  Did my homework in school went to church.  The sermon was on chastity and cleanliness of body and soul.

I’m sorry!  I can help myself!  I shouldn’t, but I think it’s so cute when she thinks she is being so bad!  I also don’t think she found any irony with the topic of the sermon, although, she did leave out the detail of whether the priest giving the sermon was attractive or not!


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  1. emotionsoflife2016 says:

    Nicely written

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    1. Thank you very much!


  2. Filed words says:

    Answering back to a teacher sounds rather bold for the period!

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    1. I know right?! And she is always the one who tells me students never did that back then. I can’t wait to see her reaction when she reads it.


  3. E says:

    She’s hilarious. I think she and Betty White would be great friends 😉

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