November 1936 – “The Political Hub Bub”

Early In November Babu writes that the “political Hub bub will be over soon.”  She is talking about the 1936 election.


Thursday, October 1st, 1936
Politics is a curious business.  Present Roosevelt talked tonight.  It was a wonderful speech.  Full of fire, conviction, and concern for the welfare of the American people.  As soon as he finished Alfred Smith came on making sly derogatory remarks.  People cheered for both of them.  Jenny Bragil and I had a disagreement.  She says she gave me 10 cents for a ticket.  I say she didn’t.  We’re both strong in our opinions.  I got the ticket.

It seems like it was a day of many debates!

But here is a Link to the speech FDR gave that day: (You know, the real political hub bub.)

Address at Forbes Field, Pittsburg, PA.


Some excerpts:

A baseball park is a good place to talk about box scores. Tonight I am going to talk to you about the box score of the Government of the United States. I am going to tell you the story of our fight to beat down the depression and win recovery. From where I stand it looks as though the game is pretty well “in the bag.”


Something had to be done. A national choice had to be made. We could do one of two things. Some people who sat across my desk in those days urged me to let Nature take its course and to continue a policy of doing nothing. I rejected that advice because Nature was in an angry mood.


Compare the scoreboard which you have in Pittsburgh now with the scoreboard which you had when I stood here at second base in this field four years ago. At that time, as I drove through these great valleys, I could see mile after mile of this greatest mill and factory area in the world, a dead panorama of silent black structures and smokeless stacks. I saw idleness and hunger instead of the whirl of machinery. Today as I came north from West Virginia, I saw mines operating, I found bustle and life, the hiss of steam, the ring of steel on steel—the roaring song of industry.



Tuesday, November 3rd, 1936
We fought in fun in school today.  Republicans against democrats.  Looks as if we’re going to win.  The reports are telling that Roosevelt is ahead.  It’s already 12:15 and I’m still listening to the radio.  Sophie and Natalie Bartula dropped in for me and we went down town to here latest results.  Never expected to get the homecoming I got.  Dad was furious because I stayed out late.  The 3 of us spent a great part of the time identifying cars.


Wednesday, November 4th, 1936
Worked for five hours on my homework tonight but I didn’t mind.  I enjoy having lots of work to do so I can keep busy.  This morning us Democrats lorded it a bit over the Republicans.  Drobey has quit working for Kozika and is looking for work.  Saw him this morning.  Jamie gave us a ride.  Peterson, a Rep, took Labella’s seat (a dem.) and turned it facing the wall.  She didn’t want to talk to a dem.  Did we laugh.  Danced this noon.




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  1. Filed words says:

    “Sly derogatory remarks” eh? There is nothing new under the sun.

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    1. I may have drawn the same parallels as you.


  2. I’ve gone through this blog from start to finish, and it is so beautiful. I love the excerpts, the pictures of the words on the page, and your reflections on your relationship with Babu and how this archiving ties into that. I love seeing how the things we view as history looked to the people at the time. Thank you so much for doing this and sharing it with us.

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    1. Oh wow that is amazing. Thank you!


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