February 1936 “She Talks to Angels”

This February is not a surprising month for this to happen but it brings with it a new crush, Maurice, the boy she went to the dance with.  AND he is in her English class.

There is a scandal with another girl in their class, one whom Babu refers to as the “class freak.”  This woman gains the disdain of her peers, is put on probation from school, and by the end of the probation, does not seem to be coming back.  What was her crime?  Kissing and “passionately embracing” a man she “did not come to the diner with” in front of others.  Different times, I guess.

The most interesting thing to happen this month is a girl named Veronica.  Babu’s Aunt Nelly knew a girl who could speak to the saints, angels, and even God.  She begins to write to Babu and Babu even goes to visit her.  Babu is amazed and seems to never once question what this girl tells her.

Sunday, February 2nd, 1936
Went to the movies with Zosh.  Saw “A Tale of Two Cities.”  Diary, what a surprise!  Mother came from Bondsville with some letters from a girl there who holds recourse with angels, our Lord, Saint Mary, and many other saints.  There girl is continuously sick.  But nothing can help her, and she knows she is going to die.  Her mother knows nothing about it but she makes a confidante of Aunty Nelly.

It’s eerie, this near death omen bringer, the girl’s mother being unaware, Babu’s willingness to simply believe in the miracle and the divine…  No one questions this poor girl’s mental health, or her angle?  I wonder what medicines, ones we would probably never use today, they have this girl on.  I guess Babu, at least at this age, does not think with the same cynical mind I do.  But why was she so eager for the supernatural?  Or, why am I so eager to dismiss it?


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