September, 1935

Right after we got back from our vacation, I caught Adam and Babu having a conversation that involved me.  Babu had just sat up from her nap on the couch and Adam was talking with her until she gained her bearings.  She was talking about Ernestine Jones.

“You’ll read about her soon, you know?  Angie is getting to that part in your journals where you meet her.”  He was telling her.  They talked about my transcribing of the journals.

I was happy I got home and got my head in the books.  I’ve been trying to fly through them, finishing 1934 and through September, 1935.  I’m in no rush but, yes I am.  There’s is so much, so many people and experiences I want to share with her.  It’s all so thrilling!

Here’s what happened in September, 1935:

She has a terrible fight with Jeanette mid way through the month and they are still not talking at the end of the month.  It started with a pack of cigarettes and became about more.  I know Jeanette will move away eventually.  I hope they make up before she does.  I hope this isn’t how it ends.

At the end of the month, Casmir Cumura dies of possibly appendicitis.   Babu is very rocked by this news and I wonder if he is family.  Babu was supposed to answer a letter he sent to her and she never got the chance.  In the beginning of October she will go to his wake and she refers to it as “going to see him.”

Through out the entire month she is gaining her bearings at college where, yes, she has met and is beginning to get to know Ernestine.  Her classes are difficult for her, and she fails a test or two, but she’s studying up and learning what she needs to do.  She’s viewing her male professors, for a playful moment, as potentials.  I think her bubble is a little burst when she goes to a dance and all her professors are there, with their wives.


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  1. awwh-this leaves me wanting more! well done!

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    1. Aww! Thank you so much! I feel the same way sometimes transcribing months. I forget I’m supposed to be typing it all out and I just start reading ahead!

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      1. I can imagine! You always leave me looking forward to the next one!

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