Excerpts, August, 1935


Wednesday August 14th, 1935
The most dreadful thing occurred last night.  Drobey and Teddy got hurt in the legs coming home from the Altar Boys Outing.  They had their legs hanging from the back and an auto brushed pasted knocking them off.  Drobey fainted but wasn’t hurt badly.  Teddy had seven veins in the back of his legs severed and something broken.  They’re both in the Chicopee hospital.  Saw “We Live Again” and “Flirtation.”  Mother got 2 dozen gorgeous red roses from Stella Polchepeck.



Sunday, August 18th, 1935
Set around as usual on Sundays. Spent most of the day at Jeanette’s. No one is supposed to be allowed to see Teddy but his parents because he lost lots of blood. Drobey ought to have a crutch. He’s going to strain his leg. He may be worse off then Teddy cause Teddy’s can heal and he’ll suffer always. I like him now.



Tuesday, August 20th, 1935
A blasphemous beginning today, but a heavenly ending. Mrs. S. talked on how I run after the Drobey, what an awful girl I am, how scandalously I dress. I was depressed the whole day through. Spent the evening after Falcons (they called off the minstrel) and lawn party with Drobey.  (With interruptions from his mother.)  Oh!  He was nice.  We talked.


Tuesday, August 27th, 1935
Going to school with Jennie Brogril tomorrow.  Oh I am good.  I played truant from school today.  The first day of school, but I didn’t know it was.  In the catalogue it said the 28.  Did they laugh at me.  While the kids were in school I was at the movies seeing “Shanghai” with Charlie Boyer and “The Circle of Death.”  Teddy is to have another operation.  Flesh is to be taken from under his arm and be applied to his leg.



Wednesday, August 28th, 1935
I really did go to school today.  Emily Bednarez, Stella Pula, and Martha Janik are there but they’re in Jennie’s class.  I sit next to a lovely girl.  She has the most gorgeous complexion.  Must have grown it in her home, Vermont.  School isn’t hard yet but I know it will be.  Haven’t seen Drobey for 4 days.


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