Oh! And There’s Also This!

I cannot believe that when I wrote The Drobey Drama that I left out this passage from 1934:

Sunday, November 18th, 1934
Why is it pal o’ mine that you don’t care for a person any more after you once thought it would be heavenly bliss to be with him always.  Imagine in my inner self I harbored the secret that it was love and, confidentially, I always seemed to think we’d read about all I had written and laugh deliciously about it.  I disliked him terribly though when he asked me what I meant when one time when we were walking I saw a child and said “buy me one of those.”  I told him I don’t remember and the funny part is I don’t!

nov 18

This was the passage, THE passage.  She does really love him.  It broke my heart.  But since it can never be one thing, I also will share this forgotten passage with you:

Sunday, December 16th, 1934
After all it has ended.  Jeanette and I went to the bowling alley.  Caveman said hello when he came in then just kept walking back and forth not saying a word.  Penny talked to Jeanette for a while.  I got peeved and so I walked out.  Gee.  I wonder.  What does Caveman think, he is a king or something?  He gives me a pain.  I don’t know whether he is going to come up and be nice or not say a word.  Oh I don’t care.  Yes I do.  We met “Johnny” and her boyfriend.  Ohoo, Diary he’s nice.  Johnny certainly knows her stuff.

dec 16


Of course, we know that in August, 1935 she’ll be suckered by his injuries and in love again.

I wish, (no, actually I don’t 🙂 ) that I could get in a time machine, go back, and tell Drobey this:

She just doesn’t want you to play hard to get.  Just tell her you like her and then don’t sometimes ignore her.  The games aren’t cute.

If I were to do something as disastrous as mess with the space time continuum, I’d tell her:

Stop being thick headed.  Yes, he likes you.  What is there to be wondering about?!?!

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  1. loved this post! You had a great idea when you started this!

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    1. Yours is a great idea and a magical place!!

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