The Drobey Drama

Let’s see if we can follow this thread and once and for all solve the Drobey Drama.  (Spoiler alert, we wont!  Haha.  But it will be funny to watch our heads spin.)

sept 16

Sunday, September 16th, 1934
Jeanette and I saw at the Victoria “The Love Captive” and “The Lucky Texan”. We enjoy watching the people around us more than the pictures. And we’ve made up our minds to pay no attention to Teddy and Drobey cause if they felt “that way” about us they would stay out and walk with us.  Teddy promised they take us for a ride tonight. We stayed almost 2 hours and saw Drobey going home and Teddy not all. So we can be the way they are too.  The cats!

The cats?  Ooooooo thems is fightin words.

Monday, September 17th, 1934
I wish we were friends or something. I don’t suppose we are mad but oh I miss him. This must be love. At least puppy love.

!!Rut Row!

sept 18

Tuesday, September 18th, 1934
We look forward so much to Tuesday and this is what we got for it. We didn’t even see them to talk to. Somethings up. Teddy didn’t speak to us when he went by today. The snob. Jeanette and I are getting new boyfriends.

You go girl!

Wednesday, September 19th, 1934
I’m going back to W.B.Z. for a boyfriend only he doesn’t know it.  I saw him eyeing Adele Janik today with “that look.”  I’d love to go to the prom with him but I guess he’s got her dated up.

Oh MY!

sept 20

Thursday, September 20th, 1934
What the devil am I here for.  I don’t suppose I’ll ever do any good.  I can’t even make the boy I like like me.  Cause I know for sure he doesn’t.  He didn’t say so but I’m sure.


sept 23

Sunday, September 23rd, 1934
After all we went to see “Dames” today and with it was billed “She Was a Lady.”  They sat in back of us to the right but we made believe we didn’t notice them.  But I guess they knew.  But if they’re so dumb they don’t even sit down with us okay.  Tonight we saw them on the corner.  Teddy came up and talked but Drobey didn’t.  So when Pitko started getting funny I just encouraged him.  Mary and Sagan were talking, too.  Then Caveman went by and home looking so sore.  I don’t know why.

You don’t know why?!?!  You really don’t know why?  (That moment when playing hard to get blows up in your face…)

sept 24

Monday, September 24th, 1934
And I didn’t say my speech today either.  Oh but what homework she gave us.  And Accounting, too.  I’ve been studying today for over three hours and I don’t know much more than I started with.  Piano lessons tomorrow but I’m not scared cause I played some.  Let’s hope she’s in a good mood.  Drobey certainly isn’t.  I knew we’d get mad sooner or later.  He went by this morning with a sour puss and didn’t say howdy this afternoon.

Girl, cause you are always either snubbing him or flirting with other boys!  This is NOT how you get someone to like you.

sept 29

Saturday, September 29th, 1934
Teddy was at the movies but Drobey wasn’t.  He was sitting on the porch railing when we came home.  When he talks he addresses Jeanette.  I’m jealous.  I turned my back to him this morning and walked home with Julian.

And heeeeere we go…

sept 30

Sunday, September 30th, 1934
Ohoo!  I’m so thrilled.  Drobey, Jeantte and I went strolling – – – Dear Diary, this is a reprimand.  Those dashes don’t mean a thing that’s going through your head.  We only had a nice time talking.  When I leaned against him, I was conscious of a slow thudding where my heart is supposed to be.  Even now the mere idea sends that organ thumping.  If he only liked me!  I make myself feel he does but am I right?  Most of the time I think not but I have a right to my emotions.

Oh my, Babu…You really do like him, don’t you?  This must have been what you meant when you said 17 was not a good age.  You really didn’t know anything did you?

Monday, October 1st, 1934
Diary Dearest, you certainly are patient with me.  I read back some pages and all that met my eyes was “I hope he likes me.”  You really don’t have to be so kind.  Just sort of say boo when I write it again.  I liked English today cause we didn’t have to recite.  But tomorrow I’m doomed.  The oral talks.  I was a good girl in one way.  I went to church but didn’t do my Accounting.  I shouldn’t get all this credit cause I wanted to see Drobey.

Another spoiler alert – she keeps saying it!!!



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