December, 1934

This month will bridge the gap between the diary I started first, 1935, and then the diary I found, 1934.  I stopped in Summer 1935 go go back to 1934.  Now when I go back to 1935 it will be the start of autumn again!  She’ll be starting college then.  Exciting.

In December, 1934 Babu is back in school so there is more homework, more worries about oral tests and piano recitals, Miss Short and Accounting, more back and forth with Drobey… He pays attention to her, then he doesn’t.  Is it a snub?  She seems to allow for no middle ground, maybe he’s just distracted, busy, having a bad day…Maybe this isn’t about you, Babu?  But she’s still right about one thing.  None of it answers the question of if he likes her or not.  He certainly isn’t, but is she asking?

She buys thoughtful gifts for friends and family.  She celebrates the holiday and, she gets the ice skates she was hoping she would get!  She huffs and puffs and says she wont get Drobey a card for the holiday and then is gleeful that he actually does send her one.

On the last day of the year she is struggling to come up with a theme topic Miss Short will approve of.  After convincing herself she has absolutely no ideas, she poses several to Miss Short and they are all shot down.  Her father sits with her and tells her stories all night on News Year’s Eve.  I’m guessing these are stories of his life, maybe even stories he’s told her before.  He’s trying to help her with ideas for her theme, but aren’t there so many other benefits?

Oh, and also, she has decided to nickname her diary “Dante.”  How frickin’ cute is this:

Thursday, December 27th, 1934
Tonight, Diary Dearest you become “Dante.”  I think that would suit you.  I hit on that from “confidante”  Suppose that’s French.

That clears up a whole lot of confusion I was having while transcribing 1935!  I kept asking, who is she talking to?  Who is Dante?  Hahaha.


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  1. Dr. Perry says:

    Excellent blog! I missed so much I am starting from your first entry✨

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    1. Yay! Thanks for your interest.

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