The Last Half of August, 1934

She makes it home and she is glad!!  However, Jeanette greets her with a letter that never got to Babu while she was in camp.  It reveals that Drobey has found another girl.  Babu seems less upset by that and more upset by the fact that, at first, he wont speak to her when she comes home.

Another girl, for some reason, doesn’t seem to deter either of them much as evidenced by the fact that Drobey “makes an advance” by the end of the month.  In her awkward way, Babu shuts him down and out but kicks herself for it.  To make their relationship even more of a roller coaster, she sends him and his friends home one night because they are drunk and she worries about him feeling “sore” but the next day she realizes that he’s not mad at all.

Jaime asks her out and she turns him down, showing again how disinterested she is.  It’s a shame to think that in less than a year from “now” this boy, one she does not remember, will be her prom date.  She writes:

Monday, August 27th, 1934
What a night! Caveman has gone home sore cause I told him he was drunk. But I don’t care cause he did too look drunk and all the others were too. Penny, but he wasn’t so bad, but Pitko, Turk, Johnny Inigowski, Romeo, and so forth.  They almost had to carry them out but I still feel terrible that D’s sore and Jamie told him to ask me for a date for him and I said no. I don’t like Jamie that way, but I do someone else but not tonight.  But I guess it isn’t the real stuff.

It would have been a much more satisfying story if she had gone to prom with Drobey.


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