End of July, 1934

The end of July had Babu feeling secluded and trapped, and slowly, she began to feel less that way.  She decided to go to camp, and left with out saying goodbye to Caveman.  It seems purposeful as she is angry at him for a slight and the next day is near him and doesn’t say a word.  Before she leaves, she also feels distanced from her two best friends.  It seems to be over jealousy about a “more interesting girl,” Jane.  On her way out to her new adventure she writes:

I know I’ll be lonesome up there but I can’t turn back.

That’s no way to begin anything.

She arrives and immediately wishes she hadn’t made the choice to go at all.  She wishes she could leave the next day.  She explains that she doesn’t feel at ease anywhere.  She does, of course, eventually warm up to the experience, talking about how everyone there is so nice.  She is introduced to new friends and is impressed with a girl named Pauline:

I was introduced to a girl named Pauline here and I think she’s swell. She has short hair. It is not very light and not very dark. More light I should say. Her teeth are quite attractive. She isn’t slim but just right. Another thing she is quite independent. I love the way she handles a cigarette.

She has some new experiences, like horse back riding, and swims on any day she can, practicing her dives and wishing she could see how they looked when she executed them.  That’s Babu, always trying to do the things she does the right way, even if it’s just having fun.  She seems to be adjusting but on rainy days when she can’t go swimming or on days when no one is around, she mopes and gets very bored.  I wonder, how many books was she able to bring on this trip with her?


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  1. This is lovely. By the way, I just nominated you for The Liebster Award! https://jannamichelle1.wordpress.com/2016/07/22/the-liebster-award/#more-1210


    1. Whhhhat? Thank you so much!

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