The First two Weeks of July, 1934 Excerpts

Yesterday’s poem sprung out of the experience reading her latest diary entries with her.  However, it is the same as just being around her.  It is possible to go from snorting laughter, we gauge our days based on how much and what kind of laughter we get from her, to moments, like yesterday, when she didn’t seem completely present.  She told me the story of her mother, one she has told so many times, but yesterday she told it as if she had the bad doctor and she couldn’t have but one child.  It was eerie.  It all started with reading the hi-jinks of 1934 and I asked her what she thought of her teenage self.  That’s what launched her into taking about how she feels it isn’t good to have only one child.  I reminded her that she was talking about her mother, not her, and she got back on track.  I reminded her as always that she turned out pretty well.  We ended with the gratitude she always shares for how wonderful her parents were and how lucky her life has been.

So, here are the excerpts from 1934, the Drobey drama that she refuses to talk about.  I don’t think she’s able to as she doesn’t remember.  I don’t mind, it makes it all the more intriguing.  I feel as though I’m solving mysteries.


How the month began:

Sunday July 8th, 1934
It dawned rainy and cold this morning so that I couldn’t wear my new dress. Still I’m not to keen on wearing it. This afternoon we went to the “Victoria” and saw “No Greater Glory and “I Like it That Way.” Penny and Drobey broke their confinement. Drobey sat with me on the porch for awhile.  He certainly is reforming. Then Jeanette came up and of all people Penny came. But they both went because they were scared someone might see them. Some fun.

july 8

And then the very next day…

Monday, July 9th, 1934
Did a speck o’work today and didn’t go swimming. In the evening Jeanette, Sophie, and I played tennis. Out of nothing Jeanette and I got bit and from then on felt uncomfortable in each others’ company. Anyway I did. I hope everything turns out fine tomorrow. I hope this matter about Drobey and Penny clears up. It seems to be getting worse. Today I wished I was in camp. My mind is still unsettled as to whether to go or not.

july 9


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