First Half of July, 1934

I am thrilled to be transcribing summer again.  When I found the 1934 journal, I left a year older Babu off in 1935 in the height of summer.  I don’t know if it’s because I have always been in school, college for four years and then teaching for ten, but summer is unadulterated freedom.  It’s when you don’t need to be an adult.  You can escape responsibilities.  (I feel bad for people who have normal jobs and work all through the summer!)  High school aged Babu gets the freedom of summer.

However, every story has a conflict and Babu’s conflict this month is about camp.  She wasn’t sure if she wanted to go and she doesn’t say it but I suspect she left because things weren’t working out between her and “Caveman” and she felt it’d be best to get some space from it.  Also, if I know her, she felt obligated because people invited her.

Before she left for camp it was a normal summer with normal summer activities.  A LOT of swimming and important things like this:

We stayed on our favorite corner for about a half hour with “Violet” and “Buttercup.”  Such names, but we really don’t mean it.


I’m guessing that’s Penny and Caveman.

At the beginning of the month things seemed to be going so well with Caveman and Babu writes that he seems “Reformed.”

Played tennis tonight, but we were nervous because they were on the porch. Then I sat with Penny and he asked Janette and me to play tennis Thursday. I told him I wouldn’t play with myself and he said of course Caveman’s going.  And Caveman was so friendly.  He almost took a punch and not make believe.


Caveman brought us down to Aggi’s to get Jeanette’s permanent. In the evening he talked to me a while. I sat on the steps. I liked him so much today.  He screamed when he saw my parents coming because he said he’d get pushed out.


But all of these good summer feelings do wilt…and I don’t know how.  But there is this:

 In the evening Jeanette, Sophie, and I played tennis. Out of nothing Jeanette and I got bit and from then on felt uncomfortable in each others company. Anyway I did. I hope everything turns out fine tomorrow. I hope this matter about Drobey and Penny clears up. It seems to be getting worse. Today I wished I was in camp. My mind is still unsettled as to whether to go or not.

I wonder what they got bit with…


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