Sunday Share #2

When I read this post it knocked me back a little because it echoed so much of what I was experiencing and mulling over in my mind.  It is also just a great piece of writing!  She was able to say what I wrote about the same day but in a much better way.  This is from a blog titled Life Lessons and here is the link:

Go check out her blog, it is really worth a deeper read – and a follow.  She’s a wonderfully open and compassionate writer.

Here was the post that moved me:


We store our truths in layers,
peeling back the amount we can stand to see.
Each year peels away some layers and builds others
until we grow in furrows and in hillocks.

Smooth truth is for the very young.
The old need their protections
as memory, like flesh and misfortune,
begins to bury itself to cluster underground

in cliques and hidden passageways,
lurking like guests in a British mystery play,
searching for us as we search for them in kind.
Old beaus, lost children and beachside vacations

sealed shoulder-to-shoulder in a too-small room––
a pantry, perhaps, or closet––
waiting waiting
to be peeled away.


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