**Contains Spoliers

In late April Jeanette goes to Manhattan for vacation and Babu receives a letter the first day of May and by Mid May Jeanette is back.  This passage reminded Babu of the fate of the friendship between them.  Jeanette, someday in a future past I have not gotten to in my reading, will move down South.  The way Babu says it: “And I never heard from her again.”  It is a sad thing to look forward to reading in the journals because the hurt of the loss of so close a friendship must have been great.  I hope I do read that Jeanette did write her, at least once.  Babu seems to feel resentful, as if she still wonders to this day why the effort wasn’t made, regardless of the miles.   Even if I can’t give her a rewrite of her own history, maybe if it was exactly how she remembers it, maybe it was for the best.  A clean heart break.


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