May, 1934

Babu spends a large amount of time in May – and possibly other months – reading “L” stories with Zosh.  Does L stand for love?  Was she reading romance novels?  I giggled as I wrote that.

She described that phenomenon of Spring thaw and what happens to people perfectly.

It got warm, everyone is out on the streets.

Jeanette celebrates her birthday and Babu and Zosh get her a three piece sailor outfit!  I could just see it.  She attends a Polish Wedding and dances with the “Beaver Bunch.”

She’s smitten for someone named:  “SS” and also Krygowski, but that is explained:

It all happened one night during a dream.

We also see what is possibly the start of the “Caveman” drama saga.  More of that will be revealed in the excerpts.  🙂


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