Stark Contrasts

Amidst all her worries about when to wear her sport blouse and her strong feelings over saddle shoes, Babu has an encounter with death.  She writes:

Friday, April 27th, 1934
It makes a person realize the truth of death when a young person like Lorraine Pronovost dies.  Just a few weeks ago she was so happy and now.

So here is another post honoring someone long gone.  It seems like life is full of death, as these passages can sometimes remind me.  In the middle of being asked to the junior prom by a boy she doesn’t even like and listening to her favorite programs on the radio, a young person, someone she clearly thought well of, is suddenly gone.


It makes me grateful.  I do not want to say too much because I am very superstitious and believe very much in the power of jinxing things.  I will say this:  All of my grandparents on my side have passed, and I had more then the average person.  My mother’s parents and her stepmother, whom I was close with as well are gone.  My father’s parents and his step mother are also gone.  People do not live to be very old in my family, but in my husband’s family, they are kicking ass.  And I get to focus now on taking care of Babu and have this wonderful relationship that I will always treasure.

It’s funny how I always stumble across these stark contrasts…

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