April, 1934

While transcribing Babu’s journals, I find some months are full of excitement and some months, well, aren’t.  Passages in April 1934 were either just boring days or they were written in her secret shorthand that I’m not sure I want to decode, even if I could.  (If she wanted something to be secret from the world I feel good about leaving it so.  Plus, I can’t make sense of her shorthand book I found so I really don’t have a choice.)
In April she wondered if she should wear her sport blouse to school the next day, she sold tickets for the one act play and collected class dues, she didn’t really like the black and white shoes (saddle shoes?) she had to buy because they were the best she could find.
Perhaps one of the most exciting things to happen is that she spoke to W.B.Z. for the first time even though she had known him for years.  It was a very simple exchange to sell him to one-act tickets but she was very excited about it and wrote “Hot Diggity” to sum up the event.  She was asked to go to the Junior Prom by Jaimie, and we know how she felt about him in 1935 – blah to say the least – well in 1934 she felt “not thrilled.”  Her heart gets crushed when W.B.Z. takes Janet O. to Junior Prom and then it broke again when the rumors fly that Adele J. wanted to be the one to go with him and he feels the same towards her.
Now that I think of it, a little bit more happened this month than I thought before I began writing.  Here we find the beginning of the W.B.Z. And A. J. Saga that mattered so much to her throughout high school.  Besides that, many of the passages I couldn’t understand, even the ones that weren’t coded in short hand. A character appears, someone they roller-skate with, a boy named Sandy Claus.  No lie.   And she didn’t explain.  There were some strange passages this month.  I guess that makes sense being written by a teenager to and for herself and no one else.  I enjoy these writings immensely but they aren’t meant for me.


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