January, 1934

Howdy, time travelers!  I have wrapped up July 1935 and here I am, back in the cold but in 1934.  I wont lie, I’m looking forward to being back in summer but I am so excited to have found an even earlier journal.  The two most exciting things about it so far?  One, to really be holding something so old in my hands.  I’ve had this belief that I wasn’t even consciously aware of that if you held paper as old as 80 years old it would disintegrate in your hands.  I see that’s not always the case ;), but it could still be a reality if I don’t keep being insanely careful with these tiny books.  Two, I can clearly see the difference in her writing style.  In just a year’s time she is so much younger.  I will be writing more about that later.

A secret I’ve been keeping?  I think there is at least one more journal.  There’s no mention of getting started and she seems so comfortable with the daily recording process.  When and where will I if I ever find them?

She begins New Year’s with a swollen leg and doesn’t tell why.  She’s thrilled to be inducted as a senior member of the Falcons.  She has dentists woes that lead to endearing diary passages.  She takes note of seeing a Saint Bernard “The biggest dog…”  She idolized a girl named Florence for disobeying her mother and snarks about a girl named Ginger who can’t decide to join falcons or no.  Her mother disallows her to go to the movies and it’s a calamity!  (Hahahaha.)

She goes on a ghost hunt and thoroughly scares herself.

She struggles to learn how to wash clothes and wishes to achieve a sweet, clean wash.

President Roosevelt has a birthday and there are 6,000 birthday celebrations thrown in his honor?  There will be more about this, I had to do some research.

She watches a movie or a radio show called “Find Me a Corpse.”  Spencer Dean stars and she wants his English accent and clearly liked the show.  I cannot find it any where in a google search, however.


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  1. Find me a Corpse? That sounds interesting. We used to listen to “The Shadow” which was rebroadcast on an East Coast radio station in the 1970’s when I was a teenager. I watch lots of old movies from that era on TCM and usually prefer them to the fast and furious pace of current movies, and the FDR reference makes me long for a time when we could recognize and appreciate intelligent leadership in our country. Things are very different now.

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