The End of July, 1935 Excerpt

These three passages show Babu as an easily forgiving person, as someone who loved to have noise and entertainment around her, and as someone who held herself to high expectations maybe she’s never felt she’s reached.  They also show her as an average, highly dramatic teenager.

A typical summer day:

july 29

Monday July 29th, 1935
It’s been cool these last 4 days.  It seems more like autumn.  Was a little industrious today and mended my clothes and added missing buttons, etc.  Listened to the radio.  I do it almost all day.  Tonight there are good programs on.

And typical teen Babu:

july 31

Tuesday July 30th, 1935
Went to see Joan Crawford in “No More Ladies” and “The Girl Who Came Back.”  Both were good.  Jeanette and I are together again.  We went to Falcons and had a lovely time gossiping.  Albert, Carrie, and Christine came up tonight.  Carrie told us loads of gossip.

Wednesday July 31st, 1935
Had another quarrel with Mother over reading.  She talks so loud when she’s excited I could scream.  Played tennis on the court with Jeanette.  I’m a bad girl but I can’t help it.  I don’t think I’ll ever get along with anyone.

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