The First Two Weeks of July, 1935

Ahhhh summer.  Reading this month just makes me want it.  Swimming, job hunting, swimming, fireworks, swimming, everything you would expect, but of course, this isn’t just any summer.  This is the summer before college.

The house next to us had quite a bunch of fireworks tonight.They’re still blowing all about.  Sat on the porch for a while.  Caveman was there but we did not speak.

Oh and I forgot, summer also comes with sunburns and nights too warm to sleep.

I’ve got a beautiful burn on my shoulder.  It doesn’t hurt and will turn tan soon.  Can’t sleep lately.  It’s so hot I just turn around.  Heard some Polish singing about two this morning.

She and her friends begin job hunting but no one is finding any luck so far.   There’s a break in the heat on a day when it rains and Babu sleeps all day.  MMMMMmmmm.

She missed “Breakfast Club” on the radio because she slept until 10.  She’s reading “The Count of Monte Cristo” to see if it is different from the picture.

Jeanette becomes jealous at Babu because of Teddy but Babu knows it’s ridiculous.

As if I could take him away.  That’s a laugh.  I don’t think I’d want him after the way he treats me at times.

Babu goes to her dentist named Doctor Good.  This is just me, and something about it, but there is no way in hell you would ever get me to go to a dentist named “Doctor Good.”

Summer is just the best.


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  1. mischaralle says:

    That is a nostalgic and refreshing read. It shows how transcendental time is that imprints on the present day so sweetly. I love how you blend together the various elements.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is a lovely complement. Thank you! 😁


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