Fourth Week of June, 1935 Excerpt

Thursday June 27th, 1935
After practice today we, (Johnny and I) helped Mr. Donnegan with his register.  We came home with Mrs. Johnston and I did an errand for her.  It rained when we were going to the exercises but Dermot Salias’ sister gave us a ride.  I cried so at graduation.  When we sang “Auld Lang Syne” something let loose and I almost got hysterical.  A fly in my ointment.  W.B.Z. Took Adele out.


Yes, there is something so powerful about this stepping over the threshold kind of moment.  More than an 18th Birthday, or a quinceanera, this is the moment that signifies, you’re an adult now, so go do.

The amazing things about being a teacher is to get to witness this moment second hand every year.  To endure senior pranks, to see prom pictures, to sit at graduation year after year and beam about those you are so proud of.   Like every year, I will be bawling my eyes out at graduation.  Maybe this year more than others!  Definitely.


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