Fourth Week of June, 1935

She ended up going to the senior banquet with Jaime and she simply did not dig him.  I feel badly for her, the Babu of that time.  It’s bad enough to have a crush you can’t have and to see him going to all the senior events with another girl, a girl you are not happy for, but to have such an important time of your life accompanied by someone you’re not happy with?

Good news, graduation was splendid and Babu got caught up in the moment and bawled her eyes out.  Her day wasn’t ruined, but a little dimmed by WBZ and AJ going out after graduation.  It really seems like their relationship is heating up and she is out in the cold.

The day after graduation she spends all afternoon and evening with Zosh listening to the radio.  For some reason this catches me the most.  It takes a lovely kind of relationship to just simply spend the day with someone listening to the radio, or just talking.

Her summer is officially kicked off with getting – you guessed it – a white bathing suit.  The one her mother said she wasn’t going to get.  She spends an evening out at Reunions merely noticing that WBZ and AJ were there and dancing every number.  She had some dances with a couple boys herself!


Here she is!  On the cusp of the rest of her life!



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  1. barbwit says:

    My family returned to the UK before I graduated from High School and we don’t do that in England. But in 2002 I graduated from the University of New Mexico with a BA degree, and this month I have been attending all kinds of graduations so the little owls picture resonated with me.
    Nice that Babu had a friend to listen to the radio with.

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