Third Week of June Excerpt

Wednesday June 19th, 1935
The first thing I did today was to break my glasses.  I put them in my purse and while trying to shut it they cracked.  The right one did.  Mother says I won’t get a bathing suit.  She’s mad at me cause she says I spend too much money.  I better cut down.



When we read this week’s passages she fixated for a short while on her broken glasses.  It seemed to me that that was far more interesting then how she didn’t like the boy she went to prom with and what is really going on with her and Caveman.  But I’m learning not to assume things anymore.  What does she really think when she reads these passages?  I wish I was a mind reader but I’m thrilled at the time spent with her none-the-less.


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  1. What a wonderful project you are undertaking together. I have tried to do the same with my mother but we don’t have the wonderful resource of a diary to get the memories flowing.

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    1. Thank you so much. I consider myself extremely lucky that she kept these and was so exacting about them. I hope you keep reading and enjoy what you read! PS your last name is in my family – my mother’s maiden name!!

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      1. That is interesting. My last name is my husbands but he tells me that there are not that many Waters around. He came from England but I have never looked into it but hey.. we might be related. I will certainly look forward to reading more.

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