The Prom Talk with Babu

When Babu read about the week of her prom she only reacted to certain pieces of the excerpts she read.

Out until 2:15?  Out until 2 AM?

(There were many instances that month of her getting home very late.)

Well, Babu, it was a very exciting time for you, with prom and graduation.  There were revelries!

I decided for a moment, that I was going to go down the rabbit hole of pictures.  The journals have been almost a little too much for me to handle so I haven’t done much on the line of digging up pictures.  Plus, the family has really claimed many of them, as they should, so i guess I have been trying to stay in bounds.  But before I went digging i said to Babu:

You know, I’d like to know if there is a picture of you at prom.

She said that she didn’t know if she went to prom and this brought a little pang of worry and sadness.  She had just then read the entry about prom.  I showed it to her again and she read it, again, shocked that she didn’t have a good time.  I asked her if she remembered Jaime and she said no.  I asked is she remembered prom at all and she didn’t.  With her I chalked it up as:

Well, I guess you don’t remember because it was such a bummer!

But the rest of me couldn’t help being sad that this events of all events she couldn’t remember.  (It did happen about 80 years ago, after all.)  I went looking for a photo album from that time and pulled out many old ones, but none from that far back.  I’m SURE at least one picture exists, either in this house or with one of the children.  I’m sorry to admit I don’t quite have the sleuthing time right now, but I promise, when I find it I will share!


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