The Second Week of June, 1935

Babu just can’t let go of her crush (could any us??)  She writes:

W.B.Z. took A.J. out after the class day.  I’m jealous!

I guess she couldn’t find a dress so her mother is sewing her one, but of course!  She spends Wednesday at home as her mother and another woman work on her dress.  Babu is still restless, nothing seems to be going her way.  She mentions no one likes the material bought for her dress.  Did she like it???

On Thursday she gets disappointed in herself because she gets a 68% and Miss Short gets in another, and her LAST, snarky jab at Babu.  Geeze, right before graduation?  Way to get in your last soul crushing, self-esteem eroding session before the end.  A certain Pink Floyd song comes to mind.

YAY!  Friday is prom!  Ohhhh, no.  She doesn’t have a good time.  Jaime was not the date she should have had, someone still over looked, I’ll give you that hint, or the date she wanted, we know who!  She only dances with three boys and they were bad dancers, rather than her usual slue of dance partners.   She does mention that Jaime got her a beautiful corsage, but that was all she seemed to enjoy.  I think she built the event way up in her mind and was too much in her head, accompanied by her insecurities and doubts, that her night simply did not live up to the dream.  Honestly, though, does the prom ever live up to what it is supposed to be?  Maybe on Buffy, but other than that??


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