Babu and Drobey sitting walking down the street…not even talking.

I’ve gently pushed, and gently pushd again – but I promise, blog, that I have pushed her for the last time!  we read about Babu not going to the show and she said:  “I guess I didn’t go with him…”  And I even joshed her when we read about Teddy’s admonish of her causing Drobey not to be able to sleep at night.  “You’re driving this poor boy crazy, Babu!”  And no joke, she said:  “Drobey was…a nice boy.”  And moved on.  Babu is not one to talk out of school.  She’s not going to kiss and tell if there was a kiss and she’s not going to emote if there were emotions.  I think it’s pretty clear by reading between the her handwritten cursive lines…I’ll leave it be now!  😉

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