The Fourth Week of April, 1935

Babu has caused Drobey – “Caveman” – not to be able to sleep.  Teddy is his ambassador, bringing messages, and potato chip bags back and forth.  Babu’s written reaction to this?  “Bunk.”

She writes a lot about piano lessons.  Her teacher is getting lessons her self and now things are much more strict in class.

She in fact does not go the the minstrel show with Drobey and instead Zosh and she paint their nails.

She still obviously has some interest in who WBZ is.  She writes:

In English I knew an answer that WBZ flunked on.  I suppose he’s not to pleasantly disposed toward me.

Her father goes to the priest to “pay for grandma’s mass.”  Babu and I both wonder about it.  Has she died?  There is no previous reference.

She sees a baseball game in Bondsville and:

Saw a part of a baseball game and got a line on the girls there. They’re also boy crazy.

A recruiter from Bay Path College comes to see her to finalize her paperwork but Babu chooses not to because she hasn’t decided.  I wonder what has made her hesitant.  I’d like to think it was because she had choices of other colleges to go to, but I think Babu didn’t view herself as a college girl or an intellect confidently enough.  It’s a shame in it’s untruthfulness.

I have more proof of her lack of self confidence in the passage which will be the upcoming excerpt.  I am in no way judging against her for this.  I am painfully relating.


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