“Just don’t think about it and do it.”

My life can’t just be simple:  Go to work, come home, help to take care of my grandmother, spend time with husband, cook and clean and take care of myself.  For many reasons and due to many X factors, it isn’t like that at all, the first three are the only ones that happen with any consistency, and I am making some big moves and some life altering changes.  I’m quitting my teaching job at the end of the year and I know exactly how I feel about it – every.  single. emotion.  In big heaps, all the time, like a carousel one day and an avalanche the next.  I am pretty sure it needs to be done, I think…  For these reasons:

To have more time for caretaking.

To have more time for my writing.

To have more time for self care.

The middle one scares me the most.  I am going to make a life of writing and hopefully in the process a career.  I have no idea how to do that.

Writing is something I talk about a lot with Babu.  I believe she is a born writer but for whatever reasons, never chased it.  Her writing would have been formal and traditional, like her, but I think it would have been beautiful.

I tell her about my dreams and goals and once got in a conversion about how I don’t feel I’m any good.

Babu has a way of distilling things sometimes with a simple, earth shattering, easy statement.

“Don’t think about it.”  She told me,  “Just do it.”


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  1. barbwit says:

    Save some time for yourself first, and the others will work out.

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  2. I like Babu’s advice. We do tend to overthink things, don’t we?

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  3. thisismy50 says:

    Oh, how I struggle with this too sometimes. Right now, as a matter of fact. I need to be working on my script but instead I’m doing something I’ve been saying I’d do for months–explore the posts of other bloggers who’ve followed This Is My 50.

    The key is to ‘schedule’ your writing and self-care with the same accountability you had with your teaching job. Give yourself real deadlines. The caretaking obviously will have specific times of requirement that you can’t always plan. But even then, routine will likely benefit your grandmother, with some spontaneity here and there.

    And in regard to whether you are “any good”–the more you come from a place of truth, which it seems you already do in your writing here, the more people will want to read what you share. The important thing is to remember you are writing because you have stories or information inside you that needs to come out, not because you feel you may or may not be a ‘good writer’. That is what editors are for. 😉

    Okay, signing off here to go write and meet my deadline.

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    1. Thank you so much. I think I am going to write this great advice down and post it on the wall as a reminder. Best of luck with your writing!


  4. mischaralle says:

    Quit thinking and just do it! Words to live by 😊

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