Fourth Week of February and First Week of March 1935

She started an autograph book and still seems to be swooning a little over having gotten WBZ’s autograph.

She talks with a classmate, Evelyn, about going away to school.  She hopes she wont have to go alone.

Someone Johnny takes care of got Scarlet fever and he is not allowed back at school and Babu’s cold is getting worse.  Don’t worry – it’s not connected!

I believe this will be the last we hear of it  – but Babu got a C+ on her theme.  I think she is over it.  I’m not, I want to read it!  She goes to a show instead of the library to study for a test and she got a D in English because she was scared to participate.  I anticipate her tisk tisking herself when she reads this.  I say this next bit with laughter but I used to think she was a much better student, especially in English!  I can relate.  I love to read and write and have since I can remember but my grades in school, until college, were never good!

At the end of an entry where she discusses how someone sold their store, she mentioned Jenete crashed her car into a trolley but she got a new one.  When did she crash it?  No comment on if she was hurt, obviously not, and how much money do they have that she can just buy a new one the same day?  This passage raises a lot of questions!  I wonder if car crashes were not as big of a deal in the 30s.  Cars went slower and were made of actual materials…but she crashed hard enough to need a new car?  Is she is trouble with the city for the trolley repair?


Her relationship with Caveman seems to be the kind that can only be this awkward and painful as a teenager.  She has an argument with Caveman then sits and talks and laughs with him in the bowling alley.  She hopes he wasn’t laughing at her.  I wonder what kind of conversation it was where he laughed with him but wondered if she was being laughed at…




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