The End of January, 1941

Sunday, January 19th, 1941

We spent a lazy day.  Then Jake came about 2:30.  We did crossword puzzles and then fell asleep.  Went to his house about six and were given supper.  Nellie and Caz and Jake and I walked down street and Jake and I went to see “Little Nellie Kelly” and “A Fugitive from Justice.”  It’s cold again. We came home and nestled down by the radio till 2:30.


I have said it before and I will say it again as many times as necessary:  I love the passages from her boring, “lazy days.”  The way she writes “walked down street” and “nestled down by the radio.”  Even incredibly small things like “It’s cold again.”  I now know how important that is without a fully heated home.  The things we take for granted!

Monday, January 27th, 1941

Got a letter and snapshots from Johnny Lech today.  Wish I could care for him, instead of for Jacob. He, I think, would be much better to me.  Jake makes me cry with his independence. Took a lesson and Prof brought me home. Actually helped mother figure out the pattern for my new black net gown.  Billy came here looking for Jake cause he saw the light. He and his brother, Frank, bought a new car.

Ahhhh, and there it is.  “Jake makes me cry with his independence.”  I’m not criticizing when I surmise that she needs more reassurance, I’m sympathizing.  I feel like through it all that might have been what kept their relationship healthy and long lasting – as long as life would allow.  They cared for each other deeply.  I bet they still got butterflies in their stomach every now and then looking at each other – I know I still feel that way about their grandson.  But forging your own life and identity and having that independence while in a relationship is in my opinion, healthy.

Thursday, January 30th, 1941

First thing this morning mother got angry at me and left slamming doors.  That didn’t make me feel too good. But we were friends in the evening. Jakey came up about seven and we talked for a while and then came into my room bundled up on the bed and listened to the radio.  Transferred to the kitchen, put out the lights, and listened to the political lectures. Peaches called me “sweets” at one moment. It was so nice.

I hate to read about her and her parents fighting.  But it’s so very human, isn’t it?  And moments like this with Jakey must help provide some of that reassurance!

Friday, January 31st, 1941

Going to bed late last night made me a little sleepy today.  This morning, while waiting for the bus, Stanley White, a bus driver, picked me up and took me to work.  He has been paying me some attention for a few months. He seems a very nice person and he asked me to go out with him.  Guess what, he drives a ’36 terraplane. Went to Sophie’s for supper and she washed my hair. We discussed decorations for the formal.  When I got home, I had a letter from Eddie and John Lech (two) from camp.

Woohoo!  Babu does like those Terraplanes!  Way to go, Babu, not telling us if you turned him down or not.  I guess we will have to wait to see!


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