The Beginning of February, 1941

When I was working on the April A-Z challenge things got a bit out of order so I began a bit of this month already.  Check it out here:

April A-Z: A Month of Many Tears

During this month things heated up quite a bit between our two lovers and mixed feelings about it ensued.  I’ve been wondering for a while about appropriate boundaries of sharing during this project.  Well, today I have found the line.

Moving on.

Wednesday, February 5th, 1941

My lunch hour flies by so fast because I have so much to do.  Daddy is 49 years old today and I shopped for gifts for him. Mother had sewed white lace on my gown on top but removed it tonight-she has a better idea. Zosh heard from Eddie and he can’t come home for the formal.

Happy Birthday DziaDziu!  Here is a pic of him and Babcia.

b and d 3

It’s early to share this one, (it’s from ’45,) but I just love seeing pics of them.  It’s hard not to when you’ve heard over and over lovely stories and sentiments of them from their own child.  Sigh…I wish I could have met them.

Thursday, February 6th, 1941

We are getting reports out at the office in fast tempo.  Zosh and Nat came to the house tonight to work on decorations for the formal.  We decided to stop at 11:30. I know we will all be dreaming and seeing hearts until then.  It looks as though Jake were going to register his car. It isn’t in the garage. Honestly, he might just as well be living miles away.

Oh, Babu.  he doesn’t live miles away, only down the street.  But who can blame a girl for pinning for her boo while spending hours making Valentine’s Day decor?

Tuesday, February 11th, 1941

Jakey started the first day of his test today but I haven’t heard how it was.  Ernie and I went to Nee Wah meeting. Frances Jarwok picked us up on the way. We ran into a few difficulties about the formal but I guess they’re straightened out or will be.  A number of us went to the Moonlight for cokes and Jean drove us home. It seems all Jakey’s dances are being taken by the girls. I’ll have to ask for one myself.

This really is the beginning of something.  Jakey is still working his way into the military.  I’m not sure which test he is taking now, but yes, Babu, this will take up more of his time then you know.

Wednesday, February 12th, 1941

Ernie and I and some of the people in her office ate at a new place today.  Waiting on the table was a girl who, we were told, was unusual. She turned out very much so.  She looked as if she had a false front it was so big and perfect. Today was the second and last day of the test but I don’t know how he made out because Jacob neither came over nor called.  He certainly thinks a lot of me.


I am simultaneously laughing because Babu is just a riot, and feeling badly that this person was judged just because of the way her body was formed.  It sounds like she was the talk of the town.  People can be lame.


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